Hey Zzz Heads

It’s all a farce. All of it.
The entire mirage-ick-uh
this farcical
Actual life
resides outside the gate
of consensus reality.
In other words:
Wake the fuck up, already.


To Sovereignty

There is a popular deflection
in American Myth-maintaining
that serves to put the displaced
on the defensive
whenever one asserts
her or his inalienable
right to sovereignty.

This is designed to get slaves to
shut up and be quiet;
obey their so-called masters
… And slaves do.

Then there’s the rest of us.
Personally, I do not accept
the denigrating designations
assigned to me.
I will pursue the truth
of who I am by
looking back at
who my Ancestors were
before the devils reign.

Uncle Sam and his
flat-assed mammy can
keep their genocide
…I will work out my own salvation.


© 2017 ((aka) Waaku Mu Sekhmet