Whoop – There It Is!

I spent the last hour or so, going about my business, wondering whether or not I wanted to enter an entry for today’s daily word prompt, detonate. I wasn’t necessarily feeling it. I was more preoccupied with other things this afternoon – and then my 21-year old sent to my iPhone, a meme that is going around…


In ‘hood vernacular
from back in the day
I have to say:
That’s the bOmb.


Adrift Not, in this ‘Empty Nest’

Last Thursday, my youngest child graduated from our local college, with her first degree. In a couple of months, she will be moving over four-hours away to attend university that will be her home for the next few years, as she earns her more advanced degrees. My baby girl and I are very close and we will miss each other a great deal – we are very ‘Gilmore Girls’ close. And although I doubt more than three weeks will ever go by without us being together, I am aware that I have approached the point where many full-time mothers feel as though they have come untied from their moorings. I am grateful that I am not in that place, at this time. It’s sorta funny but I went through this 5-3 years ago. It wasn’t funny¬†then, but in hind sight I can see how having my period of feeling adrift beforehand, allows me to truly enjoy and support this stage of my child’s development … As well as my own. Having had that anxiety in advance, forced me to give a great deal of consideration to what I am going to do with¬†my time.

The first 25 years I was merely a byproduct of other peoples lives – the latter 10 spent in trying to heal from the first 15. The next 25 years belonged to my children. These next 25 upon which threshold I am poised – are mine. I am 51 and my life finally feels like it is my own. And I have a good plan for it.