Gaping Chasm


Gaping Chasm

People often wonder
how it is I am
always deeply studying
something or other
making myself
in whatever direction
I care to go
but the truth is
since I was
two-years old
I have merely
been attempting
to infuse the gaping chasm
of loneliness
that stalks my soul…

© 2017 KHM aka ikataki


3 thoughts on “Gaping Chasm”

    1. Is it filling in those gaps? Sometimes. It occupies my mind which is soothing to me as I am an INFJ Aspie 🙂 … I have a very warm and loving inner circle of family and friends (the lovely souls who have patience with my eccentricities), but I have always been the odd one out who, in 50+ years, have never been able to feel at ease in this world (except out in isolated nature). I don’t understand it and long for something just past my capacity to recall; at least, that’s how it has always seemed.

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